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Your Guide to Comprehensive Commercial Insurance in the Keystone State

What Does Comprehensive Commercial Insurance Mean?

When you add comprehensive coverage to commercial insurance, you get an insurance solution that covers a variety of unseen and potentially devastating risks for Pennsylvania business owners. 

Comprehensive insurance is an all-inclusive insurance type that covers a broad range of perils. Pennsylvania business owners enlist the help and support of The insurance professionals at The Shay Agency to learn more about their business insurance options in Wilkes-Barre, PA. 

Comprehensive policies for business owners can include the following protections.

  1. Liability Coverage
  2. Property Insurance coverage
  3. Business Interruption Insurance
  4. Cyber Liability Insurance

Why Comprehensive Commercial Insurance is a Must-Have for Pennsylvania Business Owners 

If your business ever gets hit by a devastating fire, flooded out by a natural disaster like a hurricane, or becomes the subject of a slip-and-fall liability suit – comprehensive commercial insurance can help protect your investment. 

Choosing your first comprehensive commercial insurance policy can be daunting with the many coverage options available. This is where licensed commercial insurance agents can help confused business owners make more informed insurance decisions. 

A licensed insurance agent at The Shay Agency can help you understand the benefits of comprehensive commercial insurance by assessing your unique business needs and providing customized options to help you mitigate risk. 

Business Owners: Get Comprehensive Commercial Insurance for Peace of Mind in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania business owners get peace of mind when they know their most significant investments are protected with comprehensive insurance coverage. 

Don’t wait until the inevitable happens and your business is faced with a legal claim, cyber threat, or unexpected business interruption without insurance. 

Contact a knowledgeable agent at The Shay Agency in Wilkes-Barre, PA, and get a free quote for comprehensive commercial insurance today!