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Benefits of a Higher Foundation Home

While there has been a trend over the last year to build homes on slabs in many areas, homeowners in Pennsylvania are finding that doesn’t work out in the long run. Below are some benefits of a higher foundation home if you’re planning to build or looking for an existing property. 

Reduce Mold and Water Damage

If you have a crawl space or a basement in your home, you have a place that is easy to access and drain any excess water that may come into your home. With a crawlspace, this water can go directly into the ground and be recycled back into the water table. If you have a basement, you’ll want to have it waterproofed, but then allow the French drain to capture the water and cycle it out of the home. There isn’t a place for the water and mold to go in homes on slabs, which can increase the damage in your home. 

Access Different Systems

You can easily access the plumbing system and your HVAC vents under the house when you have a home with a basement or a crawl space. Having this space to work makes it easier to diagnose any issues you may be having and get in there to fix them. Homes without this extra space can be harder to access and cost you more money in labor over time. 

Extra Living Space

Homes with full basements can add additional living space. You can finish and seal your basement so that it is a place for your kids to play and guests to sleep when they visit, or even rent out an apartment for additional income. 

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