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Tips for getting your home ready for winter

With cold winds whipping across the state and the days getting shorter, it is time to start thinking of how to prepare your home for winter. At The Shay Agency in Wilkes-Barre, PA, we are independent insurance agents that put the needs of our customers first. We will find you the right policy for the right price. 

Preparing for snow

Snow is one of the beauties of winter, but it also poses various hazards that you need to be prepared for. With yearly averages of more than 40 inches, having a snow blower can be very helpful. Making sure it is tuned up should be done before the first snowfall. Time to pick up a bag of salt and sand to keep your walkways from being a slip-and-fall hazard. 

Make sure your home is warm.

Getting a furnace cleaning and tune-up is even more important this year than ever. You want your furnace to be as efficient as possible. If you have a fireplace, this is also the time to get your chimney cleaned so that you can enjoy a warm fire crackling on the hearth. 

A safe home

In the cold weather, you spend more time indoors, and it is a good idea to make sure that your smoke and carbon monoxide are working and that the backup batteries are fresh. 

Plug the holes

It is time to ensure you are not losing your precious heat. Adding an extra layer of insulation to your attic is the first step. Check the fit of all your windows and doors, and use caulk and weather stripping to plug the leaks. 

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